Book of malice



On the front cover it is written in abyssal: ‘’Feed the eyes to see, Feed the mouth to speak’’.

Book containing all the malenchantements, spells, divine knowledge and guidiance related to the evil alignment of all the existing plains.


Incarnatus, commonly known as the book of malice, book of vile, bible of the wicked and the written darkness. Ancient tomes created by the unholy sentient beings, passed around for generations, rarely copied in its entirety, it is most frequently found only in parts and sections. Used by many necromancers as a tool, by evil worshipers as a bible. It is highly sought out by the high order of paladins, clerics of light and almost every devout follower of the good alignment. A powerful tool for acquiring useful knowledge and practice related to the demons, evil divine creatures, spells, rune creation, summoning of lesser and higher beings, activating curses, channeling malicious engergy and many other things.


Vestiges Of An Oath oathbreaker