Deodas Danathes

King of Askartia


Last of the long ruling line of the Danathes. King and supreme leader of one of the greatest kingdoms in the Midlands – Askartia. Currently resided in the capital-Arkonos.


Son of Ganatosh, former duke of Neorn, mother remains unknown to this day. In the official records it is written that she died shortly after birth, documents of her origins and family roots are unavailable to general population. Regarding this, there were many rumors, which were quickly put to rest by the royal guard and King’s men.

At the early age, Deodas was already standing out from the other children, missing a mother’s touch, he developed into a very serious persona for a boy of his age. Looking up to his father and the great men of that time, he always strived to become a great ruler and play a significant part in the world around him. Reaching his early twenties, the influence of Neorn has expanded to such magnitude that Ganatosh, the duke, had power over half of the Askartian area. As soon as the decreets were settled, Ganatosh named his only heir as the regent of the Askartian area. This imposed great deal of responsibility upon the still young and inexpereienced Deodas.

Deodas Danathes

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